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is in form rather more than a half oval with
its SE [South East] side formed of the almost straight edge
of the steepest slope and crossing the summit at its WSW. [West South West] end. Around it there appears
to have been erected a wall of dry stone masonry,
now entirely delapidated and for the most part
overgrown. Outside this a second line of defence
consisting of a second wall, or stony mound with a trench beyond
and a mound on the counterscarp runs from
the centre of the ENE [East North East] end by the W. [West] side round
to the WSW. [West South West] end where it is met by an arm
projecting from the line of the inner defence
thus containing against the WSW. [West South West] end of the
main enclosure an outer court or bailey.
From the outer end of the projecting rampart which
forms the S [South] side of the outer ward a trench
for the greater part of its length hewn through
rock with a mound to the outside formed
from the upcast is carried along the
SE. [South East] flank at the base of the steep scarp
to the ENE [East North East] end where turning sharply uphill
it terminates adjacent to the commencement
of the second defences that pass along the W. [West]
side. There are two entrances into the central
area one from ENE. [East North East] and the other at the opposite
extremity. At the base of the eminence from
S. [South] to E. [East] there is a large enclosure formed by

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