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each measuring in diameter about 15' and
on the level area in front of them some 30'
distant there are three more regular-looking
cairns, the largest of which formed of large
stones measures some 20' in diameter and
1 1/2' to 2' in elevation. To the Southwards
about 80 yds [yards] are several other similar
heaps of stones. The largest of these has a
concavity on one side making it somewhat
kidney-shaped, and a slight hollow in
the centre. Along its longest axis it
measures 22' and across from what seems
to be an entrance on the E. [East] 12'. Some
of these constructions are possibly ruined

White Cairn Bargrennan (7)
On the lowest slope of Glencaird Hill towards
the SW. [South West] and about 1/2 m. [mile] N. [North] of Bargrennan
Cottage is situated the "White Cairn". It
measures in diameter 50' and in eleva:
:tion about 7'. From the S. [South] it has to some
extent been pillaged for stones in the past
and in that direction there is consequently
a concavity in the outline. There is also
a small circular excavation about
2' in depth on the top.

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