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has been disturbed. The diameter over all
is 54' and the elevation from 6' to 7'.

Cairns. Unnoted
Some 30 yds [yards] to the S. [South] is a
low cairn formed of large stones, measuring
some 20' in diameter and 1' to 2' in elevation.

Hut circle Cairns. (Unnoted)
On the open moor about 1/4 m. [mile] S. [South] of Cairn Kinna
is a hut circle the wall of which, now a mere
foundation, has been formed with large stones
on both faces and smaller pieces in the
centre. The interior measures some 23' by 22'
and is entered from the E [East]. The thickness
of the bank or wall is 5' to 6' at the sides
and 8' at the entrance. On the side of it the
outline of the bank curves inwards towards
an upright stone which protruding about 10"
above the turf, has probably been a portal stone.
Some 40' to the S. [South] are the, remains of a cairn
of large stones, low in elevation and with
a diameter of about 12'. About 35' to the
SE. [South East] of it is another measuring some 13'
in diameter and 1 1/2' to 2' in height while
a few feet further S. [South] are the remains of a
About 150 yds [yards] [--] of the hut circle are the
remains of several cairn-like constructions
built against the face of a low bank

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