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Chambered Cairn "White Cairn'' Bargrennan (8)
Situated on a high ridge of the moorland 1 m. [mile]
N. [North] of Bargrennan and about 1/4 m [mile] W. [West] of the road
to Glencaird, are the remains of a circular
cairn containing a single undivided chamber.
The cairn which has measured some 44' - 46' feet in
diameter has been in great measure removed
leaving the chamber exposed and still perfect
for the greater part of its length. It is set with
its longer axis NNW. [North North West] and SSE. [South South East] and has been
entered from the latter direction. The back,
formed of a flattish boulder set on edge, 3'.7" in
breadth, 3'.8" in height above the floor level
and 13" in thickness, is situated 16' in from
the NNW. [North North West] and 29' from the edge on the SSE [South South East]. The
extreme length of the chamber as remaining
is 18'.4" and for 10'.6" of that length from the inner end it is roofed
by two massive slabs, measuring, the
largest 6'.3" in length by 5'.8" in greatest breadth
and 1' in thickness, and the other 3'.4" in length
5' in breadth and 1'.7" in thickness. Between
these two slabs is a space varying from 4"
to 1' in width through which many stones have
evidently fallen into the interior. On the
NE [North East] side of the chamber the blocks of stone
at the base of the wall do not rise to the
full height and other large blocks and

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