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of about 5' above the interior and 6' above the
bottom of the ditch while the outer mound
rises to a height of 5'.6" and 4' above the ditch
and the level of the ground on the exterior respectively.
On the W. [West] the defences have been entirely ploughed
down and only on the N. [North] for a short distance
does the outer mound remain. The interior
which is under cultivation measures 110' from
E [East] to W. [West] by 100' from N [North] to S [South].

Kirkinner Par. [Parish] ? Standing Stone Culbae (unnoted)
In a cultivated field about 1/4 m. [mile] SW. [South West] of
Culbae farm is a small boulder set on
end 3' in height above ground, oval in section
measuring 2'.4" in longest diameter. It is
not very deeply planted in the ground and its
antiquity as a monument is doubtful. It faces
N [North] by W. [West] and S [South] by E [East].

Standing Stone. Longcastle. (10)
About [--] N [North] of Longcastle School and 25' W. [West] of
the road from Whauphill to Port William
stands a block of grey Silurian sandstone
4'.10" in height above ground and 2'.4" in
breadth, facing S. [South] by E [East]. At 36' to the E. [East] of it
and crossed by the wall at the roadside
stands a large granitic boulder 3'.6" high
& 3'.2" broad facing WSW. [West South West] and ENE [East North East], while
several other large boulders may be seen built into the
wall nearby. These various stones suggest that

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