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there may have been a stone circle here.

Artificial Island. Dowalton Loch (6.)
About 3/4 m. [mile] E [East] of Boreland of Longcastle on what
has been the N. [North] end of Dowalton Loch now drained
where the bottom has been shallow is
an Artificial island now overgrown with trees,
blackthorn and rank grass. It is a great
oval mass of large stones rising to a height
of about 4' and measuring diametrically over
the more or less level top 70' by 45'.

Glasserton Par. [Parish] Crannog Dowalton Loch (4)
About 3/4 SE. [South East] of Boreland of Longcastle on a
swampy area in an angle between two woods
formerly in Dowalton Loch is a crannog
entirely concealed beneath a clump of rhododen:
(See Antiquaries. Munro's Lake Dwellings, & Ayr
& Wigtown Collections for accounts of
excavations of crannogs in Dowalton Loch.)

Kirkinner Par. [Parish] Longcastle site of (16)
The site of Longcastle appears to have been
an artificial island composed of large blocks of stone situated at the edge of Dowalton
Loch and about 1/2 m. [mile] SE. [South East] of the farm of
Boreland of Longcastle. At the N. [North] side there
are remains of a wall 4'.6" in thickness which
seems to be part of the castle while along the S. [South]
side there are the ruins of a small rectangular
building with walls 2'.6" in thickness and
measuring some 32' in length interiorly divided

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