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excavated probably for gravel to a depth of four
or five feet and I could observe no undoubted
indication of defensive lines nor any vitrified
stone. The hill has long been in grass. The
farm servant whom I questioned knew of no
vitrifaction having been found on it but said
that the old shepherd at Balfern had been
for a long time on the farm.

Kirkinner (Cross)
Stopped the car at Kirkinner to look for the
second cross mentioned in the Early Christ. [Christian]
Mons. [Monuments of Scotland]. I was fortunate in finding in the
churchyard an old native, the village postman
also the local sculptor of tombstones both
of whom assured me that there had never

[Margin] The crosses are quite different [initialled] J.C.

been in their memories more than the one
cross there. The descriptions must refer
to the same monument before & after it
was clamped.

[Opposite page - text inserted] Later.
The second cross is illustrated & quite distinct
[Initialled] AOC

Sorbie Par. [Parish] Fort Doonhill
On a ridge about 1/4 m. [mile] NW. [North West] of Doonhill farm
is a small circular fort situated in a position
commanding an extensive prospect in
all directions except towards the W [West]. The
defences have consisted of a trench some
30' in width across the top, between two
earthen mounds each about 18' broad at base.
The inner mound at highest has an elevation

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