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on low lying ground is an oval enclosure
with its longest axis N. [North] and S. [South] surrounded by a
stony bank some 10' in thickness and measuring
interiorly 96' by 68'. At the N. [North] end a section of the
interior with a radius of about 24' is raised about
1 1/2' above the general level of the interior.

Cairn. (23)
The cairn marked on the O.S. [Ordnance Survey] to the NE. [North East] of
Corwall farm has either been removed or re:
:duced to a negligible state.

Cairn Corwall (24)
On the moor about 1/4 m. [mile] S. [South] of Corwall farm there
is a cairn measuring some 30' in diameter
the interior of which has been cleared out.
Some 50' to the S. [South] is a small low cairn with
a diameter of 12' and an elevation of 1'.6"
while another of similar dimensions lies a
short distance to the NE. [North East].

Fort. (No. 8)
Between Corwall Port and Chippermore
Port above the heughs the O.S. [Ordnance Survey] indicates a
fort. I could find no trace of this where
marked and the site appeared to be under

13th July 1911.
Skaith Hill. To see if there were any
traces of fortification or of vitrifaction I
visited Skait hill a grassy eminence which
rises to the E [East] of East Mains of Baldoon farm
house. The entire top of the hill has been

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