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TOWN HOUSE Continued 001 first and third tuesday of every month_ these rooms are quite plain and devoid of
all Ornament - A door Opens from the Court House to the lobby of the County Hall - The upper
Storey of the Town House Contains the Town Hall, a fine Apartment and extending the whole
length of the building and lighted by eleven windows, Seven in front and two at each
end. the ceiling is without ornament, with plain Cornice Mouldings. at each end N. & S, [North and South] is a
Very Old Stone Mantelpiece, on the N. [North] one is Carved in strong relief the. Thistle, Rose and fleur de lis,
and the other bears festoons of flowers having between each festoon the Scotch thistle.
each has over it, fixed in the wall a heavy Moulded Square frame of Stone - there is a square
tower on the N. [North] Side, in which is a Circular Stair - it is 66 feet high on top of which is a
parapet stone railing. The windows of the Town House have all angular pediments over
them having in the tympanums, carved in relief _ Angels, Scotch Thistle, Crowns, fleur de lis
and Irish harp -over the Central window of the Town Hall, is a Star with the Motto -
and the window underneath is the "Dog and Tree" with the motto My fruit is
Fidelity to God and King" - In front of the building is a Piazza, supported by semi-
circular iron ribs and small pillars. the top is flat and forming a balcony Surrounded
by iron railing -on the N.W. [North West] is adjoining the tower is an addition of modern erection
Containing the lockup and Town officers Quarters - In front, between the upper row of
windows and the Moulding, is the following in Relief - "Destroyed by fire in 1847 -Restored 1848,
Adam Dawson, Bonnytown, Provost."

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