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She saw it declared that she never saw a more princely palace. The sincerity of the compliment was shown by her frequent residence. Nor need we wonder at the partiality our monarchs for Linlithgow, as a more delightful situation cannot be imagined. Situated upon an eminence projecting into the middle of the lake which it divides into two nearly equal parts the Palace commands several views of very pleasing scenery and when the park was decorated with wood of which some fine old trees still survive the royal domain must fully have justified the eulogy of Sir Walter Scott. To enter minute details of a building so well known would be superfluous. It may suffice to state that as it now stands the Palace is of a quadrangular form having an open court within on the north side five storeys in height with a tower in each corner. It measures 175 feet from north to south and 165 feet from east to west. The appearance of the inner court id particularly imposing. Much attention has been paid to the architectural decoration of its various fronts which exhibit some very pleasing effects. The centre is occupied by the remains of what has been a magnificent fountain built of white firestone of superior workmanship the carvings being well cut and highly relieved. The main entrance was formerly from the east which is highly. That however was closed and the present one opened by James 5. The same monarch built the fortified gateway which leads into the outercourt. This gateway is said to have been the model of the one at Abbotsford. The stranger after contemplating the tame and ungainly aspect of the exterior of the palace is much impressed with the interior which with its remains of ancient grandeur its ruined fountain and grass-grown courtyard produces feelings of pleasing solemnity in the mind. The principal portions of the buildings which are shown to visitors are the eoom where Mary was born one of ample dimensions the dining long and narrow the

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