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chapel and the Parliament Hall a noble apartment measuring 98 1/2 feet in length 30 feet in width and to the summit of the walls which still stands 35 feet. The building abounds with places of concealment and out of the ways. one of these is still shown as the place where James 3 hid himself during a rebellion of his nobles. This noble structure might have been entire to the present day had it not been burned it is not easy to say whether by accident or intention in the year 1746 by the English dragoons under Hawley who were quartered in the dining room. There is a well known story of the lady Mrs Glen Gordon who acted as deputy-keeper of the Palace remonstrating with Hawley upon the danger likely to result from the large fires his men were kindling the General replied that he did not care though the Palace were burnt to the ground upon which the indignant lady said "Weel, weel General an' that be the case I can rin awa frae fire as fash as you", alluding to the General's rout at Falkirk. Much is now done by the Barons of Exchequer to preserve the venerable pile from further decay. The present keeper is Sir Thomas Livingstone of Westquarter."
New Stat. Acct. [New Statistical Account] of Co. [County] Linlithgow pages 176 to 177

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