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PALACE Continued 001 The underground and basement Storey of the Palace Contained the domestic's Apartments,
Kitchens, Stables, Guard Rooms, Prisons, Vaulted halls and in the N.W. [North West] Angle was a chapel, all lighted by named loopholes
by narrow loopholes ___

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"The palace is the most interesting relic of former days in the parish. It is supposed
that the site now occupied by the magnificent ruins of this abode of ancient royalty was
the site of a Roman Station. Som have imagined that Linlithgow is the Roman Lindum.
Be this as it may it was very early selected by the Scottish princes as one of their residences
It is supposed that there was a royal mansion at Linlithgow as early as the reign of David I
who occasionally resorted here to enjoy the pleasures of the chase and to consume the local
revenues, "payable in oxen, Sheep, grain, and other descriptions of produce." The present structure
is of much more recent date. In 1424 the Palace was consumed by fire and the oldest
portion of the existing edifice is referred by competent authorities to the time of the first James
It received considerable additions during the reigns of James 4. and his successor and the
most modern part of it was built by James 6. on his visit to Scotland in 1617. It was the
frequent residence of many of these princes and was repeatedly with its lake and park assigned as a
jointure house for the Queens of Scotland:- particularly we mentiore Mary of Guise who when

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