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PALACE Continued 001 West of the chapel is a large waiting hall and in the South West angle is a small room called the
Confessional, along the inside front of this side runs a corridor from and connecting the Stairs
at each end, and also divided at intervals by walls with a door in each __ The above angle con_
taining the Confessional is supposed to occupy the site of the original Peel or Castle ___ In the
? side is pointed out the room in which Mary, Queen of Scots was born December 7th 1542 _ It is
[a] large flagged apartment with a large roughly built fireplace, and without ornament
of any kind _ a door leads into an anteroom on the North which communicates the Kings bed
chamber, a small apartment looking to the North and West in the South West angle of this room is shewn
by the Conductor a few steps in the floor which leads to a private recess in which it is
said James III concealed himself when his nobles broke into rebellion. ___ The walls of
[t]his palace are of great thickness, particularly the East and South front walls which vary in thickness
from 9 to 12 feet and abound with secret stairs, closets, recesses etc. in the thickness of the walls ___
In the centre of the quadrangle stand the ruins of what was once a splendid
fountain, it is in the form of an octagon with small clustered pillars at the angles, and
rises terrace like _ the spaces between the pillars are filled with panels and cut with the
[?a]quatic foil ornament, on the pedestals are cut human heads, rose, thistle and other devices,
it was also adorned with figures of the lion and Unicorn, and the whole was surmounted
by an imperial crown, on a medallion was cut the initial of James V by whom the
fountain was erected, but it is now Scarcely traceable _ This fountain on great occasions
was made to run wine ___

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