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Kinneil House one of the family seats of the Duke of Hamilton is the most
remarkable building in the parish. The barony of Kinneil is one of the most
ancient possessions of the house of Hamilton and is associated with some interesting
events in the history of that noble family.
According to "Ffrier Mark. Hamiltone's Historie" King Robert the Bruce gave all the
lands of Kinneil to Sir Gilbert Hamilton, "for his trew service and greit manheid" and
especially for having slain "the greit Lieutenant of Yngland upon Kynnale Muir". From
the same authority we learn that this Sir Gilbert had been with The Bruce in the field
of Bannockburn and was one of the seven Knights that Kept the Kings person. For this
Sir Gilberts exploit upon Kynnale Muir, "King Robert gaif till him his arms till weir in Scot-
land thre sink fuilzies in ane bluidy feild". The Descendants of Sir Gilbert have held the
lands and barony of Kinneil by various Charters from the Kings of Scotland. One of the
earliest is dated July 28th 1323 granted by Robert I., in favour of Walter the son of
Gilbert. A charter of the lands and barony of Kinnail was granted to James the first Lord Hamilton
who in 1474 married the Countess of Arran which event connected the house of Hamilton
with the Royal family of Scotland.
When the Duke of Charterherault was Regent he made large repairs upon Kinneil [Continued on next page]

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