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Borrowstounness Parish -- Sheet 1 No. 10 -- Trace 3

[Kinneil House continued]
House. Considerable alterations were made upon it by Duchess Anne and Duke Will [William]
who according to Sibbald greatly embellished it. Probably at this period, the old Castle
or Keep was modernized in the front but not in good taste. The battlement was converted int [into]
a cornice and ballusters; the windows were enlarged and a stair case was erected at each end. A wi [wing]
projecting eastward was erected on the north and apparently a corresponding wing was intended to [have]
been placed on the south so as to form three sides of a Square.
Kinneil House is built on the edge of a bank about sixty feet above the level of the sea and
is surrounded with a considerable quantity of natural wood. The approach is from the east a [along]
a beautiful avenue of aged trees. From the roof of the main building which is flat and cove [covered]
with lead there is an extensive and beautiful prospect. The admirable situation of Kinneil
House and the natural beauties connected with it warrant Sibbald's magnificint description of
this "princely seat", But the hand of time has changed the scene; the natural beauties of the pl [place]
remain but those of art which Sibbald so much admired have been effaced and the inter [internal]
decorations are gone. The numerous and spacious apartments of Kinneil House are at present
uninhabited. Though in former times it was the abode of nobles and the retreat of Kings, the present
generation will regard it rather as the favourite residence of the philosopher and philanthropist . The cele [celebrated]
Dugald Stewart resided here about 20 years and from this place he has dated most of those
works which are the unperishable monuments of his genius. etc. -- New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Co. [County] Linlithgow page 130-

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