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Kinneil House Kinneil House
Kinneil House
Kinneil House
Kinneil House
Kinneil House
Palace of Kineil
Kinniel House
William Wilson Esq. The Dean
W. Thomson Farmer Upper Kinneil
New Stat. Acct.[Statistical Account]
Forrest's Co. [County] map
Penney's Linlithgow
Sibbald's History
Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
001 [Situation] In the northern portion of the parish of Borrowstounness

An old building, of the class denominated Peel., 5 storeys [high] with offices, and an extensive fruit and flower garden attach [attached] a small nursery: it is pleasa [pleasantly] situated close to the Firth of Fo [Forth] and has an extensive domain; t [there] is a fine avenue in the approac [approach to] the House; with large trees ea [each] side: there are also several ne [neat] cottages contiguous to the mansion [in] which the different laborers on t [the] estate reside: the Domain, with offices. Cottages etc. is rented by W. Wilson of The Dean; but the House is unoccupied with the exception of an elderly woman who lives [there] for the purpose of Keeping it clean etc. the wh [whole] is the property of his Grace the Duke of Hamilton.

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Parish of Borrowstounness -- Sheet 1 No 10 -- Trace 3

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