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30 Octobr. [October] 1878.

Colonel Parsons,
I beg to forward
herewith the whole of the
documents connected with
the Disputed Boundary be-
tween Dornoch & Rogart,
I also forward two
Sheets of the Duke of Suther-
land's Map of 1853, which
is frequently alluded to in
the Boundary question, as
the Director may wish to
refer to them.
There is a hill called
Craig Chaolishie mentioned
in the new proceedings as to
the Boundary: I think I
altered the name Creag

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Capt. [Captain] Macpherson
Sheets. 103. 104
Sutherland - you
provided herewith
you will see that
Creag Sgoilte has
been cancelled by
you, and no New
Name instituted
[Signed] CP Carey
Lt Col. [Lieutenant Colonel]
2/11 [2 November]

Colonel Carey
I see I have applied
the name Creag na Chaol-innse to the cliff
on the south side of the hill:
no doubt the hill has taken
its name from this cliff
(the Craig of the narrow meadow)
the meadow being at the ruins south
of the cliff probably

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