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Sgoilte on our 6. inch
Sheets to this name Craig
Chaolishie which is the cor-
rect name either of the hill
or of a cliff on the South side
of it; I may perhaps be
mistaken in thinking I altered
it, but the point can be settled
by referring to the 6-inch sheets
and name lists or name sheets
forwarded to Southampton in
May last with reference to my
alterations in names.

[Signed] JC Macpherson
CaptrE [Captain Royal Engineers]

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but I believe that by
recent & present usage
the name Creag Chaol-innse
applies not merely to the
cliff but to the whole hill
erroneously called Creag
Sgoilte by the Examiner.

[Signed] JC Macpherson
CaptrE [Captain Royal Engineers]
4.11.78. [November 1878]

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