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31 May 1878.

Colonel Parsons,
I have altered & added some
Names on the sheets sent here
in connexion with the disputed
boundary between Rogart and
Dornoch Parishes, and beg to
forward herewith Name Sheets
for the altered and added names.
I have also made remarks
as to some other names which I
did not verify on the ground.
The name list for these
Sheets (Gaelic) have been sent to
me by the 6th. Divn. [Division], Ipswich;
I see from them that most of
the wrong names were collected
by c/a [civilian assistant] F. Magrath of that Div.
ision; he has always had a

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[Signed] Colonel Carey RE [Royal Engineers]
8-6-78 [June 1878]

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