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KELSO ANA Kelso Anna
Kelso Anna
Kelso Anna
Kelso Ana
Kelso Ana
Kelso Ana
History of Kelso 1825
Plan of Kelso 1823
Plan of Kelso 1852
Kelso Newspaper 1857
Robert Darling Esq. Broomlands
William Smith Esq. Writer
009.04; 010.01 A long Island in the Tweed opposite chalk Heugh and near to its junction with the Teviot. It is broken by floods, and the old shingle laid bare. The Trees are chiefly Willows, and a kind of Poplar. The shingle and part of the grass are used by washerwomen for bleaching their clothes. In its present state the Island is worthless for any other purpose, after a Law-suit with the Duke of Roxburgh, it was abandoned to the inhabitants of their use or pleasure.
CUNZIE NUIK Cunyie Nuik Revd. Mr Jarvie Kelso
Mr. Waldie Kelso
Mr. William Smith Writer Kelso
009.04 The Nuik or corner at the South end of Roxburgh St. a Small Mint or Coining establishment at one time existed at the corner house at the East end of Dunn's Wynd north Side - hence the name.

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Town of Kelso Sheet 5
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[Note relating to 'Cunzie Nuik'] -
Cunyie - The Same with Coin Coynye.
Cunyie House - The Mint - by the ignorant orthogry [orthography]
of Early copyists written Cunzie house.
Cunyie Nuik - A very snug situation, literally
the corner of a corner. Roxb. [Roxburgh]
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