List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
JACK'S YARD Jack's Yard Mr. Hill. Bellhanger. Jack's yard
Mr. Robert Trotter. Robertsons yd. [yard]
The Inhabitants.
009.04 A clean yard between Roxburgh Street and Bowmont Street, in the neighbourhood of chalk Heugh.
TWEEDVIEW HOUSE Tweedview House Name Cut on house.
Mr. Hill
Mr. Trotter.
009.04 A large built private residence on the East side of Roxburgh St. in front of which is an opening towards the Tweed Called Windy Gowl.
DAVIDSON'S CLOSE Davidson's Close Inhabitants
Mr. Hill
Mr. Trotter
009.04 A close of inferior houses off the East Side of Roxburgh Street, and in the neighbourhood of Chalk Heugh.

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