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DUNN'S WYND Dun's Wynd
Dun's Wynd
Dun's Wynd
Dunn's Wynd
Dunn's Wynd
Dunn's Wynd
Name Board
Mr. Craig Hiltonmye
Mr. Broomfield
Plan of Kelso 1823
William Smith Esq. Writer
Mr. Dunn corn merchant Kelso
009.04 A mean Wynd, or Alley, off the west side of Roxburgh and south of Chalk Heuch.
The Rev. [Reverend] Mr Craig states that Dun, a man's name is spelt with one n in Selkirkshire and two ns in Roxburghshire.
KILN WYND Kiln Wynd Name Board
Mr. Broomfield
Mr Main
009.04 A mean Wynd in the neighbourhood of Kelso Mill. Many Malt and Oat Kilns were in this locality in ancient times.
PURVES'S ENTRY Purves' Entry
Purves's Entry
Purves's Entry
Purves's Entry
Name painted over archway
Mr. Purvis Baker
Mr Broomfield
Mr Smith
009.04 A mean narrow Entry leading from Roxburgh St. to the Pier Head.

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