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Had the Examiner given
the occupiers as well as the
proprietors names we could
at once identify the name
in the valn [valuation] Roll with that
in the Name Sheets.

In an account of the
antiquities of Dunbarney
in the New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] mention
is made of the site of "The
Forest of Black Earnside"
or "Black Ironside" as having
extended along the banks
of the Earn and was four
miles in length by three
in breadth and was sig-
-nalized by the adventures
of Sir William Wallace and
especially by a sanguinary
conflict which be there
maintained with the
Could not the site
of this Forest be readily
ascertained and if
so this name to be written
on traces and Descriptive
Rks [Remarks] to be written.
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I am of opinion that the statistical
account is entirely wrong regarding
Black Ironside & that it never
came within miles of this Parish
See the "Muses Threnodie" as also
"Sir James Balfour's acct [account] of Fife".
There is no person in this
Parish to whom I have spoken
of this antiquity who Knows
anything of it. I feel almost
certain, from what I have read
on the subject that it Stood
East of Newburgh in Fife.

In the above volume
it is also stated "that in
1645 shortly before the Battle
of Kilsyth the Camp of
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I can get no information on this subjector
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