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In comparing Name
Sheets of Dunbarney with
the valn [valuation] Roll, a few names
appear in the latter which
do not appear on traces or in
Names Sheets of which the
following is a list. viz.
Brewhead -- Formerly a farm, now part of Ondenard.
Carmichael House -- No' suchplace Known
Craigend bank -- No' suchplace Known
Cannonhall -- No' suchplace Known
Dunbarney Parks -- No longer applicable

East Lodge, (of Kintillo) - Probably the Lodge entrance to Kilgraston Ho. [House] this is Known as East Porter's Lodge, but as it is only a lodge entrance & on the East side of the grounds of Kilgraston I did not consider it a proper name. In like manner I do not think the name North Porters Lodge should appear, for the Same reasons, this latter name is on Trace 110 No 1. 6. sheet no. 7

Easter Dunbarney -- Eastfield of Dunbarney?
Heughfield Park - Probably Heughfield Ho. [house]
Millpots -- not Known,
Mains of Kinmonth -- Probably Wallacetown
Orcharneuk -- Not Known.
Peir House -- Probably Earnbank
Quarryhouse -- Not Known.
Ronaldstone -- (This name was explained to C/a [Civilian assistant] Carpenter a fortnight ago See description.
Sealsbank -- Not Known. probably "Sealsbridge"
Spoutwell of Dunbarney -- probably Spoutwell Cottage.
Will you have the
goodness to look to those
names, and such of them
as should have been writtin
on traces to write them and
write Descriptive RemarKs
It is possible that some
of them may be on traces but
Called by other names If
so write opposite the other name
by which the object is Known
Had [continued on next page]

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