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the Covenanters was pitched
at Kilgraston in this parish"
Is there any tradition
of where this camp was fixed?
Can it be Pointed
Are ther any old
mansion houses in the parish
to which the dates of there
erection could be affixed?
In the Stat. Acct [Statistical Account] it
is stated that Moncreiffe
House was erected in 1679
Is this date correct?
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I have not been able to get
the date of Dunbarney Ho. [House] which
is evidently old.
Kilgraston Ho. [House] was built in
either 1797 or 1799.
Moncreiffe Ho. [House] 1679.

Will you have
the goodness to shew
on traces the extent of
the demesne lands at-
-tached to the mansions
or other gentlemans houses
in this parish. It is
usually done by a line with a pencil
brush of light green
colour along the boundaries
of such lands
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Attended to.

Are there any objects in
this parish Known by the
names of "Hilton Knowe"
and the Muckle Bank"?
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I can get no information
regarding them as no
one Seems to Know them.
Hilton is not in this Parish.

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