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CUNNIGARS PLANTATION Cunninghairs Planting Sr Thomas Moncreiffe
Mr. Macgreggor. Game Keeper
Br. [Bridge] of Earn
098 [Situation] In the north end of the parish.
This name applies to a Plantation cheifly fir, near Moncreiffe Dog Kennel.- The name is derived from the place having been at one time [a] rabbit warren, or in the obsolete phraseology of past ages " Cunninghairs"

Thomas Dudgeon Sergt. RE [Sergeant Royal Engineers]

Note This name applies to part of this planting on other traces.

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[Page] 12
Ph. [Parish of Dunbarney Sheet 98 No. 14 Trace 4

The spelling Cunningharis as given above is evidently an old mode
of spelling the word, a mode of spelling used in an act of the Scotch parliament
passed about 300 years ago. The spelling of either Scotch or English
words of that period would in very few instances agree with the modern
usage. And Sergt. [Sergeant] Dudgeon explains verbally that the pronunciation of the word in this
name is Cunningars. It is therefore better adopt the spelling Cunningars and as
the word Planting is a scatticism for Plantation it is therefore better
write the name "Cunningars Plantation" as above recommended

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