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CARNAC FORT (Remains of) Carnac Fort
( remains of )
Sir Thomas Moncreiffe.
Revd [Reverend] Mr. Kirkwood.B. [Bridge] of Earn.
Mr.Brown Ph [Parish] Schoolmaster
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
098 This name applies to certain remains of Fortifications on Moredun top. They consist of an irregular fosse which runs nearly a complete circle, leaving an open space of about 50 yards in the centre ( erroneously stated 16 yards in Stat. [Statistical] Account ) The South face of this fort presents an almost impregnable appearance being an almost perpendicular Rock or precipice about 150 feet high, on the west Side the remains of Two rings or ditches appear, but both appear to be about the Same level. About 70 yards north of these remains & a little towards the East is a rather Strange little Mound or Hill. It is now entirely covered with turf under which the mound seems to be entirely composed of Small Stones, as if it had once been a Cairn, or place of interment, or which is as likely a spot at which Signal fires etc might have been lit. There is an extensive view from this fort. to all the Surrounding remains of fortifications both in Strathearn, Carse of Gowrie, Kinnoul. Perth etc etc

Thomas Dudgeon
Thomas Dudgeon Sergt RE [Sergeant Royal Engineers]

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[Page] 13
Ph. [Parish] of Dunbarney Sheet 98 No.14 Trace 5

On the summit of Moncrieffe or Moreden hill (i.e.
the large hill ) the distinct traces of a fortification may be seen. There is a Circular fosse about 16 yards in diameter
in its Centre Stood Carnac Fort which belonged to the
Picts whose monarchs during the eight and ninth Centuries
fixed their Capital at Abernethy about 4 or 5 miles SE [South East]
from the Bridge of Earn. On the tops of Several hills in this
vicinity as well as in other parts of Scotland fortresses
were erected in ancient times which served as Watch towers,
where persons were Stationed to give Signals of approaching
dangers. This was the case on Law a Castle a conical eminence
in the west of Strathearn where the indubitable traces of a
fort are onspicuous, it coincides with Moncrieffe Hill
in the important point of Commanding an ample range of
prospect and was there fore well fitted for the purpose now
mentioned. New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Perthshire P. [Page] 870

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