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FORT (Remains of) [Moncrieffe Hill] Fort
(remains of )
098 [Situation] In the north end of the parish.
This designation applies to certain remains found on top of one of the rocky precipices of Moncreiffe hill, which present many evidences that here, at some remote period must have existed, a [Habitation] or other fortification, probably an advanced post for the general fort of Carnac.- The top is flat for a Considerable irregular Circle, the boundary of which is marked by the evident remains of a wall rising, in Some parts, to a foot over the surface. (See last line on trace where this wall appears) there does not appear to have been a trench round this place but outside the wall the ground falls very rapidly off - the South face of the fort like carnac, is an inaccissable Rock falling almost perpendicularly off to the depth of 200 feet.-

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Note. I could find no person who had ever seen these
remains before.-

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