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THE RAKE The Rake William Tait Farmer
William Tait Shepherd
014 [Situation] About ½ Mile S.W. [South West] from Lee Bank.
This is a high heathy hill on the farm of Lee - partly cultivated and inclosed and gradually rising up from the Leithen Water until it terminates at the March separating the Lee from the adjoining farms. It is situated betwixt Leeburn Head and Mousedean head - also, betwixt Leeburn and Mousedean burn. It seems to have derived its name from Sheep being allowed to range betwixt the two burns.
Mousedean Head
William Tait Farmer
William Tait Shepherd
014 [Situation] About ½ Mile West from Lee Bank.
This forms the rising declivity at the source of the burn of the same name - is heathy and on the farm of Lee.
MILL RIG Mill Rig Thomas French Nether Horsburgh
James Nicol Common
014 [Situation] About ¾ of a Mile W by S [West by South] from Lee Bank.
A heathy hill or Knowe on the farm of Nether Horsburgh - situated betwixt Black Knowe and Nether Hill.

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Parish of Inverleithen -- Sheet 14 No 5. Traces 2. 5. 1.

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Rake, The Extent or Course
of a Sheep Walk

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