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DOOKET HILL Supposed to have been a Mote-hill Dooket Hill
Dooket Hill
Dooket Hill
Dooket Hill
Doocot Hill
Revd. [Reverend] Jame Reid, Auldearn Manse
Mr Adam Laidlaw Auldearn School
Mr John Mann Meadowfield
Mr Thomas Fraser, Auldearn
Mr Stables
002 This is a conical hill sloping regularly from top to bottom a little concave on the top. It stands about 20 feet higher than the surrounding ground or small hill on which it stands, about 67 yards in diameter, the whole structure is evidently artificial, there is a Dovecot on it from which object it takes its present name the property of Sir James Dunbar Bart. [Baronet]
There is only one man now living in the parish that retains a tradition of this object Mr Thomas Fraser. He says that when he was a boy it was usually called Castlehill by his Father and other old persons at the time, and that he heard them say that it was a place where felons etc were tried by a court of justice, and that where the Dovecot now stands there were stone steps down to dark vaults or dungeon below and that when any persons were found guilty they were passed down into this place to bide their term of punishment"

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Nairnshire -- Auldearn Parish

Referred but the authorities would not alter the spelling of the name
"Dowcate" A pigeon house; pronounced Dookit. Acts James IV. Jamieson's Dictionary

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Dooket Hill Formerly a Justice Seal - this name on original page has been crossed out

Dooket Hill Supposed to have been a Mote-hill - note written across page - The property name of the object as a Justice seal as Mote-hill and ought to be written on Plan

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