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by Nairn
The Manse of Auldearn
21 Decr [December] 1866

I had to make some inquiries before replying to your letter. As there is not much space in the column you have left I think it better to write on another paper. I was formerly puzzeled to say how the name you want should be spelled. But of all the spelling you have given I think the preference should be given to the spelling, "Dove-cot Hill" as the most eligible one. By sinking in the spelling the scottish sounds of "oo" and "ou" every one here will understand it, & elsewhere most people will understand that Dovecot Hill is simply Pigeon cot Hill.
From enquiries I have made at the man who discovered the stone coffin - it might have been some 20 or 30 years ago. There was nothing seemingly in it but an earthen jar with something like white dust or sand in it - the jar broke as soon as it was lifted out. I mentioned to some
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