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INNES' SCHOOL Innes' School
Innes' School
Innes' School
Revd. [Reverend] J. Reid
Mr. A. Laidlaw
Mr. J. Mann
002 A neat plain substantial two storey house slated and in good repair used as the Free Church School, on a tablet over the door is the following inscription.
" To perpetuate the Memory of a Man of worth and for the education of infants in his native parish this building was erected by the funds of John Innes Esquire of Broad Street buildings London who was born at Auldearn the 25th December 1767 and died in London the 24th November 1838".
Previous to 1843 there was £100 left by a Miss Dunbar for the use of this school the interest of which is spent in teaching sewing and needle work to the children of the parish. At the time of the disruption there was a Mr. Barsly Parish Minister he joined the Free Church and took the funds etc with him to the Free and so from that time the funds etc and building remained in the hands of the Free Church whose school it is. Average attendance 38 male and 20 female reading, writing, arithmetic and Geography taught to all and sewing etc in order to comply with the bequest of Miss Dunbar to the females.
POST OFFICE [Auldearn] Post Office
Post Office
Post Office
Revd. [Reverend] J Reid
Mr. A Laidlaw
Mr. J Man
002 A Plain one Storey slated private building used as post office in the middle of the Village of Auldearn in good repair. Arrivals 3.40p.m. departures 9.5 am Nairn is the Major the property of Sir James Dunbar Bart. [Baronet] Boath

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