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PINKIE HOUSE Pinkie House Contd. [Continued from page 10] "Pinkie-house, the mansion of the barony, situated in the outskirt of Musselburgh, scarcely half a mile from the Esk and the same distance from the sea, is a large structure of various dates, and apparently was designed to be a magnificent Gothic quadrangle, but was never completed. An elaborately sculptured fountain, in the form of the papal tiara, stands on the green, in front, and seems to have been intended to occupy the centre of the court. The northern and oldest part of the edifice has great thickness of wall, is strongly arched on the ground floor, consists of a massive quadrangular tower shooting up in picturesque turrets, and contains a spacious apartment called "the King's room", and a number of curious smaller apartments which are entered at angles of the staircase. The southern and newer part cannot be of more recent date than the reign of James VI; and in addition to several beautiful apartments not so anciently fitted up, contains what is called the painted gallery, - whose roof exhibits, in compartments, pedantic and medley groups of the images of heraldry, mythology, and capricious creativeness. The mansion was originally a County Seat of the Abbots of Dunfermline, the superiors of regality of Musselburgh; and when, after the reformation, that regality was given to the Earl of Lauderdale, PinKie was detached from it, and bestowed on the earl of Dunfermline. James V, according to a traditional fama, had the use of the King's " J.B. [continued on page 12]

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This Name Book refers to Musselburgh 1853 - Sheet 09
OS large scale Scottish town plans, 1847-1895 - Scale: 1:1056

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