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[United Parishes of Wiston and Roberton (continued from page 1.)]
---not be easy to determine. The united parish extends about 6 miles in length and 4 in breadth, exhibiting nearly the form of a parallelogram, containing about ---- statute acres. It is in the Presbytery of Lanark, and Synod of Glasgow and Ayr. Tinto, the Hill of Fire, which forms the northern boundary of the parish, is upwards of 2000 feet above the level of the sea, and commands in every direction a most extensive view. The principal points seen from it are Hartfell, Queensberry Hill, Cairntable, Goatfell, Isle of Arran, The Bass, the hills in the north of England, and even in the north of Ireland.
The books belonging to the Kirk Session of the old parish of Roberton have unfortunately been lost, and no trace of them can be discovered. The earliest of those belonging to the old parish of Wiston bears the date of 1694, and with occasional, but trifling interruptions, they are extant from that period to the present. There are three villages in the parish, Roberton, Wiston and Newton, for the population of which see pages 10, 11 and 32.
A post office subordinate to Biggar is situated in the village of Wiston. The turnpike road from Stirling to Carlisle runs through the whole length of the parish. Also the Caledonian Railway passes through the Parish.
The present church is that of the old parish of Wiston. It was enlarged after the annexation of the two parishes, has since been repaired , and is at present in a very tolerable state. It is seated for 355, not the legal provision. The Manse was bulit in the year 1750, and during the present incumbency, a considerable addition was made to it. There are two Glebes, the glebe of the old parish of Roberton , and that of the old parish of Wiston. The glebes are more than two miles distant from each other, and though it is strongly recommended in the Decreet of Annexation[underlined] " to exchange the glebe and yard of Roberton for lands lying contiguous to the Glebe of Wiston", the recommendation has not yet been attended to. The tiends are exhausted, and by a decreet of Modification and locality, 1816, the Stipend was fixed at £191.11.8 and one chaldron of meal. There is a relief chapel in the village of Roberton. It was built about 30 years ago and is seated for 377. There are three schools in the Parish, two parochial and one private and unendowed.
There are no detached portions of this parish, nor are there any detached portions of any other parish situated within it.

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