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[modes of spelling] United Parishes of Wiston and Roberton
[Authority] Statistical Account Sheriffs substitute per letter T. M. Shirley Sheriffs Clerk Mr John Black Schoolmaster of Roberton Presentation of the parish Minister

[Descriptive Remarks]

The parishes of Wiston and Roberton were united in the year 1772. Roberton was probably so called from some eminent person of the name Robert, or, from some opulent family having conferred itas a portion upon a son of that name.
Two derivations are given of the name of Wiston. By some it is supposed to have been originally Woolstown, or rather, in the Scotch language, Woostown, in course of time corrupted into Wiston and to have been so called from its having been in former times a great market for Wool. It is certain that there is still, about the middle of the village a mound or small rising ground, pointed out bythe old inhabitants as the cross or place where that market was held. By others, again, it is supposed to have been originally Wisetown, thence easily contracted into Wiston, and to have been so called from its having been the property of a man of the name of Wise. The Place, the name of a farm close upon the village, seems to indicate that it was at one time the seat of the proprietor. Neither derivation is unnatural, though which is the correct one it may

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