List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
BOGSIDE Bogside Valuation Roll.
Voter's List.
James Lohoan, Occupier.
Forest's Co Map.
024.03 A farm steading the property of General Irving. The public right of way from the Ayr Road near "Livinehill", xx1v-2. Trace 3 to "Marlage", passes through this farm, on the north side. Another public road, (for foot passengers only) comes into "Bogside", from the parish road near "Dunlop Place"- Trace 5. xv111-15.
MARLAGE Marlage Valuation Roll.
Forest's Co Map.
J. Campbell Hamilton Esqr, Proprietor.
James Simm, Occupier.
024.03 Two rows of collier's dwellings formerly a farm steading. There are several small out-houses between the house, on this trace, and the parish road, one of the rows is upon trace 4. The public right of way from livinehill. xx1v 2. trace 3, joins the parish road here - at "Marlage".

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