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HIGH MILLBURN High Millburn John Hamilton, Lesee.
William Allan, Tenant or Occupier.
William Smellie, Canderside.
John Watson, Burnhead
024.02 This is a cotter's dwelling on the lands of "Millburn", upon the authority of William Hamilton, lessee, it has never been a separate farm, always being used as a part of the farm of "Millburn". The distinction, "High" is well known by all old residents in the parish.

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Millburn (continued) XX1V-2 Trace 6.

cart could not be drawn on this road - from the farmhouse going north - eastward, to its junction with the Edinburgh and Ayr Road, near "Swinehill" - Trace 3. xx1v-2. On Trace 4. xx1v-3. it branches south - eastward to a parish road on the same Trace

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