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Parish of Fetteresso

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drawn up on the hills in the most advantageous manner, So as to make
at once a might great shew, and a very terrible appearance the first ranks Stood
upon the plain, the others rising successively behind these, one close above
another, as if linked together, till the brows of the hills were covered. Their
cavalry and war chariots occupied the plain before the foot with great
tumult and many movements to and fro. Agricola formed his army
in such sort that the strong body of auxiliary foot, consisting of eight thousand
men, composed the centre, on the wings were placed three thousand horse.
The legions, without advancing, were drawn up in order of battle just before
the entrenchments of the camp, as great glory and renown would accrue
to his arms, if the victory could be gained without the loss of Roman blood.
Besides they made the corps de reserve, that he could best rely upon for
the last resources, in case the auxiliaries had been forced to give way
Such was his first disposition, but seeing the enemy's Superior numbers
and fearing that he might be outflanked, he opened and farther extended
his line before the engagement began. Many there were who advised him
to bring on the legions, but he who never disponded, but in all difficul-
ties was ever firm and entertained hope, dismissed his horse, and
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