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Parish of Fetteresso

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"An. C. [Anno Christi] 84 Early the next year being the Seventh of the war, the Britons as we have Seen not
in the least discouraged by the unfavourable issue of the former campaign,
and finding from fatal experience, that a general confederacy was the surest,
if not the only means left to repel the common danger, had, by embassies and
entreaties, drawn together the united forces of all their communities. Already
thirty thousand men in arms were encamped on the face of the Grampian
Mountains, under the Command of Galgacus, he who among their several chiefs
surpassed all in valour, as well as in birth, and therefore was judged most
worthy of leading them to action. The youth too, continued still to flock to his
Standard, also such of the elderly men as were yet vigorous and able to serve, they,
who had distinguished themselves in the wars, carrying with them the ensigns
of honour formerly gained in the field. In this situation of affairs Agricola
sent forward his fleet, with orders to make descents in different places along the
Coast, and by devastations and ravages to harass and distract the enemy. In the mean
time while he put himself at the head of the army, which he had reinforced with
some of the bravest Britons, such whose fidelity he could depend upon, having
experienced it in a long course of peace, and marching without his heavy baggage,
he arrived at the Grampian Mountains. Pl. [Plate] 20. The British host was
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