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Site of FORT [Fort Hill] Site of Fort
Site of Fort
Site of Fort
Site of Fort
John G. Paton Esqr. Fort House
Mr. Methven Brook Street
Revd. [Reverend] D. Ogilvie Queen Street
John Cairncross Old Monifieth Road
054 [Situation] On the top of Fort Hill
This is the site of a Fort or military post some remains of its walls or foundations are still to be seen particularly on its north side, and many of the oldest inhabitants of the locality remember seeing a large portion of the walls standing which they generally called a "Castle". The present proprietor of the ground Mr. Paton, merchant during the progress of the improvements removed a good deal of the foundation of walls which formed part of the fortification, he also found several graves and many cannon balls of stone and iron he also found a matchlock of antique workmanship. The draw well which supplied the gareson with water was lately cleared out it is about 34 feet deep and now supplies Fort House with this necessary convenience the water being conveyed in pipes laid for this purpose
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On the top of Fort Hill [in Situation column for Site of Fort]

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