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"On Fort Hill about half a mile north-west from Broughty Castle was a fort erected by the English after Arran's siege in 1548 as a flanking post of their principal garrison which it was well calculated to be on account of its commanding station. The works of this fortification were also demolished in 1550. Not more than 60 years ago according to the testimony of old residenters the wall remained in some places 12 feet high but within these 20 years the plough share has passed over the site. More lately a deep draw-well was discovered on the top of the hill and several bullets, pieces of cannon, &c. were found at the bottom. The Camp on the same ridge as Fort Hill and rather more than a quarter of a mile east from it seems either to have been an outpost of the Castle or an encampment of the besiegers. Few traces of its intrenchments now remain. In the oldest part of the sessional record it is called the Brachan (i e the whin covered Knoll) showing that its name of the camp was then new and little in use and therefore connecting that name with the siege of Broughty and not with the wars of an earlier period as some have supposed."
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Forfarshire p. [page] 548

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