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BROUGHTY CASTLE (Ruins of) Broughty Castle
Broughty Castle
Broughty Castle
Broughty Castle
Broughty Castle
Statistical acct [Account] of Ph [Parish]
Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account], Vol 13 p [page] 485
Mackies History of Dundee p. [page] 15
Mr. Methven rate collector
Mr. F Lowe
054 [Situation] Near the south end of the village.
"Situated on a point of rock projecting into the Tay, is an ancient place of strength, well adapted for Commanding the river, The ruins spread over a considerable extent; but almost the only part of the building now remaining is a large square Keep, the date of its erection is not known." For a detailed acct. [account] of its history, see Statistical acct. [account] of the Ph. [Parish]
The wall which immediately surrounded or enclosed the Castle & its Court yard is partly standing but much broken and razed to the foundation in places, In general it is not more than a foot or two in height above the green mounds of rubbish on its interior side, it is built round upon the edge of the rock There is part of the wall of a circular tower at the NE [North East] corner which is standing several feet high and the remains of a similar object at the SW. [South West] corner in the same state of ruin; But the principal part of the Castle which is a square Keep the exterior walls of which are still standing nearly their original height and are about 4 or 5 feet in thickness On the west and north sides of this buildng are several marks and breaches as if it had been struck in many places by cannon balls. On the north side of the Castle is a vault covered over as a green mound used as an Ice House.
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