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Supposed site of Old Tolbooth (Continued) [continued from page 15]
The Seagate
In ancient times it also included the market cross and "Tollbwith" or Town House. Both stood nearly opposite the foot of Peter Street which was completed and opened for passage only in 1775. The site of the Cross since removed to the High in 1586 is identified by a peculiar arrangement of the stones on the Causeway in the form of an octagon and the Town House from a stone which was dug out of the foundation when the site was preparing for the erection of the buildings opposite the foot of Peter Street, seems to have been built about the middle of the 13th. Century - perhaps the year 1260. The cross is only remarkable for being the place where the young Cannible was burnt alive as stated in a former section of this work. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
Besides all this the Seagate is understood to have been the scene of the incremation of Grisell Jaffry an unfortunate who had fallen under the fama of witchcraft. It is understood that the whole particulars of the trial and execution of this poor victim of persection are preserved among the archives of the town. -
Thomson's Hist. [History] of Dundee p. [page] 142.

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