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Supposed Site of OLD TOLBOOTH [Dundee] Supposed Site of the Old Tolbooth
Supposed Site of the Old Tolbooth
Supposed Site of the Old Tolbooth
William Reid Esqr. Writer Johnfield
James Thomson Historian
Charles Rogers Librarian Dundee Library
054 [Situation] On the southern side of Seagate
This building appears to have been long removed but tradition still points to the place where it stood but does not distinctly point the exact site. Mr. Reid who has given considerable attention to the antiquities of Dundee points out the site as marked on trace. The same is coroborated by Mr. James Thomson the historian who was consulted personally This building appears to have served the purposes of a Jail or prison and also that of a Town House where the Town Council met for the despatch of business and also where the burgh Courts were held. It was, according to the opinion of the authorities quoted, that in this Jail the last wretch that suffered for the crime of witch-craft Grissel Jaffry was incarcerated
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