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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CREICH CHURCH (Ruins of) Creich Church (in ruins)
Creich Church (in ruins)
John Mitchel Creich.
Alexander Lawson Kilmany.
005 [situation] About 3/8 of a mile N.N.E. [North North East] of the Village of Brenton.
The ruins of the old Parish church of Creich. The date of its erection is locally unknown. It was used for a considerable number of years as a Parish Church and was abandoned as such about 30 years ago. and has since become a roofless ruin. It is situated in a small grave yard.
CREICH CASTLE (Ruins of) Creich Castle (in ruins)
Creich Castle (in ruins)
Creich Castle (in ruins)
Creich Castle (in ruins)
John Mitchel Creich.
Alexander Lawson Kilmany.
New. Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account].
Fullartons Gazetteer.
005 [situation] Nearly 3/8 of a mile N.E. [North East] of the Village of Brunton.
This is the ruins of an old [Manor] house now situated on the farm of Creich the now roofless hall [is] three storys high but in a [neglected] state of dilapidation. The date of its erection as well as the period at which it became a ruin is locally unknown.

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18 Parish of Creich Plan 5B Trace 4

[Quotation]"The ruins of the old church near the northern extremity of the Parish indicate considerable antiquity" Fullartons Gazetteer.
[Quotation]" The old Parish Church where divine service was performed so late as the 9th December 1832 is surrounded by the burying ground and in the immediate vicinity of the castle. in the interior of one of the walls are two niches on the top of which is a coat of arms which appears to be that of the Barclays of Collairnie who were at a very early period proprietors of Kinsleith in this Parish and who sold that portion of Easter Kinleith in 1727 to James Miller Esqr. " etc. New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Fife p. 645.

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