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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
MANSE [parish, Brunton] Manse
Revd. [Reverend] Alexander Lawson Kilmany.
Mr. J. Mitchell Creich.
005 [situation] About 15 chains N.W. [North West] of the Village of Brunton.
A large substantial stone building two storys high in good repair it has suitable offices and a well enclosed garden and a glebe of six acres of land. it is the Manse in connection with Parish and is occupied by the Revd. [Reverend] Alexander Lawson Ph. [Parish] Minister who has besides a stipend of £350 per annum.
CREICH [farm] Creich
Revd. [Reverend] Alexander Lawson Creich.
Mr. J. Mitchell.
Leighton's Hist. [History] of Fife.
Fullarton's Gazetteer.
Johnston's Co. [county] Map.
005 [situation] Nearly 3/8 of a mile N.E. [North East] of the Village of Brunton.
A large farm house two stories with offices all in good repair and having a large farm of ground attached to it. It is the property of David Gillespie Esqr. of Mountquhanie and Occupied by J. Mitchell.

Continued entries/extra info

17 Parish of Creich Plan 5B Trace 4.

[Quotation] "A few chains N.W. [North West] of the Manse are two concentric circles of stones with one stone in the centre. These stones were found in a field in the course of ploughing in the year 1817 and were found under the surface in the same position in which they are here placed. There were other circles of stones found in the same neigbourhood besides some isolated stones with some emblematic devices or hieroglyphics all underneath the surface & all indicating some remarkable work of very remote antiquity but the design of which seems very unintelligible. The above stones are all that is preserved of these remnants of antiquity. See Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] page 641"

Transcriber's notes

The writer places the Authority Revd. Lawson at Kilmany, whereas on previous pages - and this one he appears to reside at Creich. On subsequent pages he eliminates the reference to "Reverend" but continues to insert Kilmany.

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