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[Quotation] Creich Castle the ancient residence of the Bethunes is now a ruin. It is 47 feet in length by 39 in breadth and three stories high with a court yard on the west. Within this court yard the present farm house is situate. The Castle has been a place of very considerable strength. It was defended on the Southeast by a morass which has lately been drained and on the other sides by strong outworks part of which has been taken down. It bears no date to mark its age. The proprietor a few years ago very judiciously upheld its ruined walls by a repair clothed them with ivy and near to them planted some trees for shelter and ornament It is said that at a short distance from the castle and a little to the north of the church formerly stood a brewery to which was attached a ploughgate of land denominated "Pitfigies". New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Fife p.646.

[Quotation] The ruins of the old church still remain in the church-yard near the northern extremity of the parish and shew it to have been of considerable antiquity. On one of the gabels is the date 1621; but this is certainly only the date of its having been repaired. From the appearance of some round arches, and of two pillars it must be considered as at least two centuries older. In the northern wall are two arched monumental niches,
which were intended for the reception of recumbent effigies of some of the ancient lords of the district or their relations. The sculptures however have either never been placed there, or they have been long since removed. On the front of the key-stone of one of these arched niches, which is near the east end of the church, where the altar formerly stood a coat of arms is engraved, which is that of the Barclays of Collairney, Leightons Hist. [History] of Fife Vol. 2 p. 136.

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