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CUMMERTREES [continued from page 1]
breadth, and its entire Area has now been computed at 11.747. Impl. [Imperial] Acres, - four fifths of which may be considered Arable and the remainder Wood and Moss in equal proportions. The greater part of the Parish is an inclined plain, rising gently from the South towards the North. The highest point of land is a small ridge towards the N,En. [North Eastern] district on which stands Repentance Tower, the elevation being about 200 feet. The whole of the coast is flat, sandy and uninteresting. The only Stream of any consequence is the River Annan - forming the Nn. [Northern] Parish Boundary, a few rills and Springs water the interior. Lime-Stone is extensively wrought at Kelhead. The Glasgow and South-Western Railway from the Wn. [Western] boundary runs S,E,E, [South, East, East] across the Parish. Three lines of Turnpike Road enter the Ph. [Parish] at the S.E. [South East] side, a fourth line diverges from one of them in the interior of the Parish, the whole pursuing a N,Wn, [North Western] direction. This Parish has no Manufactories of any consequence. There is a small village called Cummertrees which consists of a single Street of Cottages. In it are the Parish Church and School. Population of the Parish about 1400.
On the farm of Broom near the S.En. [South Eastern] extremity of the Parish there is a field called Bruce's Acre where it is said that King Robert Bruce through the treachery of a blacksmith sustained a severe repulse from the English. A quantity of human bones and several Swords - says the New Statistical Account of Dumfries - were lately found in a Moss near the field where the battle is said to have been fought. Lines of entrenchment are still distinctly visible in the N.Wn. [North Western] district, now termed in the district Moss Castle, the features of which are similar in appearance to those objects characterised [in] other parishes of this County as Ancient British Forts. Hoddom Castle a stronghold constructed by Lord Harris from the building-materials of the more Ancient Hoddam Castle is now partly modernized. The Tower of Repentance which overlooks the Castle is about 25 feet in height and is said to have been likewise built by Lord Harris in the 15th Century. The tradition is, that Lord Harris having also used some of the Stones of the old Chapel of Trailtrow in building Hoddom Castle, he, to pacify his Own conscience and to make peace with the diocesan of the Chapel built this Tower. It has doubtlessly been used as a Watch Tower, as upon the top of it, there still remains a place which has evidently been used to hold the alarm-fire. The Site of the ancient Chapel of Trailtrow as noticed by Chalmers etc has been shewn which Chaplaincy was united to Cummertrees in 1609,

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Parish of Cummertrees -- Co [County] Dumfries

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