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CASTLE [Mauchline] Mauchline Castle
Mauchline Castle
Mauchline Castle
Mauchline Castle
Tower of Mauchline
Mr Hamilton Beechgrove
Revd [Reverend] James Fairlie
Mr Mitchell Teacher
Fullarton's Gazetteer
Patersons History
028 This building is still in good preservation and is the property of the House of Loudon, but whether it was erected for a Stronghold or merely forming part of the Priory is now doubtful. in Grose's Antiquities it is style Mauchline Castle.

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[Page] 61
County of Ayr
No. 21.
Ph. [Parish] of Mauchline

[Pencil Note] "was connected
with the Church or Priory
"Tower" would be the more
fitting designation -
What says Chalmers ? "

"An old edifice, the relic of the ancient
"priory, and the residence in Burn's days of Mr.
"Hamilton, called Mauchline Castle, and situated near the church, was the
"Scene of some of his amours, and contains a room in which he wrote his very
"profane parody called "the Calf." Fullartons Gazetteer.

"The church, forming part of the original Priory, it is supposed,
and with which the Tower at Mauchline is believed to have been connected, was
situated in the middle of the town, having the Church yard around it."
"Now that the Church has been removed, the Tower of Mauchline,
as it is called, may be the only remains of the ancient Priory"
Patersons History of Ayr.

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