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Site of PRIORY [Mauchline] Site of Priory Mr Hamilton Beechgrove
Mr Patrick Shoemaker
Revd [Reverend] James Fairlie
Mr Mitchell Teacher
028 It is the opinion of the parties who are quoted as Authorities in this page that the Priory occupied the ground on which the Parish Church now stands and part of the Lawn West side of Castle, that to a certain extent is Conjecture. It cannot at present be ascertained whether any traces of building or foundation of building have been discovered in this generation to warrant the extent to be defined on the Plans. -

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County of Ayr
No. 21.
Ph. [Parish] of Mauchline

"The parish church or Priory of Mauchline, was
no doubt erected by the Monks of Melrose, as
Supported by Chalmers, after 1165, and the Village or
Kirktoun of Mauchline gradually sprung up in the vicinity.
The Church forming the part of the original Priory, it is supposed,
and with which the Tower at Mauchline is believed
to have been connected, was situated in the middle of the
town, having the Church Yard around it. The Old Church
was Superseded, Some years ago, by a handsome new edifice,
after the Gothic Style, with a tower about ninety feet high."
"Now that the church has been removed, the Tower of Mauchline,
as it is called, may be said to be the only remain of the Ancient Priory. -
Patersons History.

"The parish church, occupying a site in the centre of the town, is highly ornamental to it. and has
been pronounced one of the most handsome ecclesiastical edifices in Ayrshire." "Its predecessor,
a lumpish, plain, sombre building," "stood for six centuries on the same site, surrounded by
the public burying ground.
"Fullartons Gazetteer.

"The old Church after having stood upwards of
six centuries, was found to be both
inconvenient and unsafe, was
taken down in 1827, and the
present Church erected over
the same site."
New Statistical Acct. [Account]
Page 162.

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